Friday, January 23, 2015


A huge – ass universe. Billions of never ending galaxies. Countless stars and planets.
Our Earth is minuscule speck on this vast canvas, and I am a minuscule speck on this earth.

She wonders in awe of the vastness of this universe, or in the beauty of life and death. She wonders of the fine balance that nature strikes to keep countless organisms alive and flourishing. She wonders about the unknown dimensions, and the unexplained.

But most of the time, she wonders about her work, her bleak-futured personal life with her lovely husband.

Meet Syra, the 27 year old, in search for her calling, in search for happiness.

She woke up like she usually does. Cosy in her blanket, she stretched and then hugged herself back. Delhi's December chill was her favourite. She waits for this weather the entire year. Cold isn't fun in London, where she spends major part of the year. The house is heated and spoils this fun of cosying in the blankets.

She opens her eyes very slowly, not wanting to let the sleepiness go. From her eye-slits, she finds her husband looking at his laptop, with his head phones plugged in. At almost the same moment, he sensed that she had woken up. He instantly put his laptop aside and took her in a tight hug, just in time to stop her from getting cranky. He knew her well, especially her morning moodiness, and how to deal with it.

What did you dream of today?” He whispered in her ears.
mm-mm” was all she could reply.

He did not push, and just patiently held her while she took her morning-right-after-waking-nap.

You know what I dreamt of today?” she asked him sleepily after fifteen minutes
Tell me”
I was chasing a lot of balloons. Huge balloons. It was fun”
What colour were the balloons?”
A lot of different colours I think. But I wouldn't know. Maybe my dream was in black and white. You know, because I am an old soul”

They giggled and hugged. Soon it would be brunch time. Their kitchen as a record saw no breakfast on any weekend. Their parents had given up on giving them health and early-to-bed-early-to-rise advice. When they were with each other, nothing registered in their heads.

Her existential crisis would strike her only when she was not with him. She was always on a different high when with him.